Friday, September 26, 2008

Veruca in Wisconsin!

Veruca was invited to go with me (Dragonfly) to the middle of Wisconsin, Wausau specifically.
There was a pool, but Veruca was too little to go on her own...

Of course we had to find Starbucks!!

And last but not least, we found a yarn shop. The people we were visiting didn't know there was yarn, but we sniffed it out!! It's called Black Purl, a cute little shop with an artsy feel. (I didn't take the camera in, I should have, there were some interesting things in there)

Veruca will soon travel to see AllEars in Phoenix!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Veruca does Richmond

Carolyn and I took Veruca on a tour of Richmond today. We walked Monument Ave. and viewed the statues of historical figures. (hometown hero Arthur Ashe, confederate generals etc.) Here is a pic of Veruca with Robert E Lee and his trusty steed Traveler.

We stopped by Richmond Dairy building for a minute, just because it is so great. Here is a photo of Carolyn and Veruca at the entrance to the building. The dairy, which is now newly remodeled apartments, is flanked on each corner by a Milk Bottle tower.
Carolyn was great to put up with Veruca as she was complaining the entire time that the milk bottles were making her thirsty.
We ended up at the Yarn Lounge for a little look see. Veruca can hardly contain herself in a yarn shop. She took a dive into a pile of lovely fiber as soon as we entered the store.
She will encourage you to spend with abandon. Again, I did not escape the Yarn Lounge without a shawl pin. More photos may follow if time permits.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Veruca was naughty on St. Martin

One day, the resort we were staying at was having a free tasting of Guavaberry liquor, so Veruca came along with us for a taste.

We had our first taste:


Veruca liked it:


They handed out the next drink and Veruca shouted "mine!":


Everytime a new sample was handed out, Veruca grabbed all of them, all the while shouting "mine!":

It was impossible to get a drink with Veruca around:


Veruca sure can toss 'em back:


I was getting a bit concerned about Veruca, but she wouldn't stop:


I guess Veruca had a bit too much:


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

veruca visits the great lake state!

the first thing that little veruca did when she arrived was mug for the camera with gnorman the gnome...then she headed over to the 'rents house and checked out the blueberry farm...too bad she didn't come later this summer because she could have taken some with her on her travels!

she insisted on going to see Lake Michigan. i tried to explain to her that the lake is a cold frigid b#tch this time of year but she wouldn't take no for an answer. i drew the line at walking down the bluff so we watched the choppy water from a distance.

the last thing veruca did was go to work at the police department with me. i was going take her fingerprints and add her to the system so "the man" could track her every move....but wouldn't you know it...she wouldn't let go of her stash long enough to cooperate *wink*

Monday, May 12, 2008

Veruca Goes Global

And look where Knitterotica took Miss Veruca!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Veruca visits the ocean

Veruca let me know that it was time to get a little R&R at the beach. This is our girl enjoying the Atlantic Ocean in Port Orange, just a hair south of Daytona.

Tomorrow... Veruca goes to the Mouse House!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Veruca meets the Yarn Harlot


Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was in Portland last week, and Veruca paid a visit! Veruca was very glad to meet her, but did bemoan the lack of a pony for rides while she was waiting in line.