Saturday, May 17, 2008

Veruca does Richmond

Carolyn and I took Veruca on a tour of Richmond today. We walked Monument Ave. and viewed the statues of historical figures. (hometown hero Arthur Ashe, confederate generals etc.) Here is a pic of Veruca with Robert E Lee and his trusty steed Traveler.

We stopped by Richmond Dairy building for a minute, just because it is so great. Here is a photo of Carolyn and Veruca at the entrance to the building. The dairy, which is now newly remodeled apartments, is flanked on each corner by a Milk Bottle tower.
Carolyn was great to put up with Veruca as she was complaining the entire time that the milk bottles were making her thirsty.
We ended up at the Yarn Lounge for a little look see. Veruca can hardly contain herself in a yarn shop. She took a dive into a pile of lovely fiber as soon as we entered the store.
She will encourage you to spend with abandon. Again, I did not escape the Yarn Lounge without a shawl pin. More photos may follow if time permits.....


apryl said...

oh! i want a giant milk bottle on my house! or maybe a 20ft bottle of dt. mountain dew would be more appropriate??

looks like veruca is having a great time...i'm very jealous that she is enjoying your weather while i'm stuck in michigan!

SupaCindy3000 said...

LOVE the giant milk bottles!!!

Did Veruca convince you to buy some yarn too?

lemmie said...

welcome to richmond veruca! the architecture is fun no doubt - and the yarn lounge rocks!