Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Veruca was naughty on St. Martin

One day, the resort we were staying at was having a free tasting of Guavaberry liquor, so Veruca came along with us for a taste.

We had our first taste:


Veruca liked it:


They handed out the next drink and Veruca shouted "mine!":


Everytime a new sample was handed out, Veruca grabbed all of them, all the while shouting "mine!":

It was impossible to get a drink with Veruca around:


Veruca sure can toss 'em back:


I was getting a bit concerned about Veruca, but she wouldn't stop:


I guess Veruca had a bit too much:



apryl said...

LMAO! was she dancing on the table and telling everyone she loved them after that final picture?

SupaCindy3000 said...

What, were you there? How'd you know that???

Andrea In Blue said...

Yeah, you have to watch that Veruca though. I bet she was telling you that she loved you all while her hand was in your bag looking for candy and yarn.

apryl said...

supacindy....haven't we all been there?

SupaCindy3000 said...

wow, Andreainblue, you are so right on. I got home and all my candy and yarn was gone. I guess I didn't watch Veruca closely enough.